Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Cry it out

I had myself a good cry last night. A big ugly one in fact. I am not a pretty crier so luckily it was dark and Cale didn't have to see that mess. He's lived through several of these ugly cries in the past but it's not something the poor man needed to see last night. He was busy enough dealing with what was coming out my mouth!

Our life has been so incredibly hectic lately. Not in a busy-too-much-to-do way, just situations and people and decisions. I have been feeling heavy and overwhelmed and tired. And while I know that the Lord is walking through all of this "stuff" with us, I just hit a wall last night. I have had enough of thinking and justifying and defending and explaining. I think that's why I haven't in any way tried to articulate what's going on with us on my blog. (Well, that and the fact that some of it wouldn't be appropriate to share.) I spend so much time thinking things through that there's no energy left to express those thoughts in the written word. So until I can get through some of the haze in my mind, this is all I've got for you.

And hopefully there won't be more crying tonight!

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Amber said...

sorry we couldn't talk much today! what was up with my children? maya has been all out of sorts lately getting over this sickness. maybe when we are standing in line on sat. :)