Friday, March 14, 2008

A happy list

*The biggest news of the week is that we received a little piece of paper that now (kind of) frees us from the evil clutches of a particular government agency that has been harassing us for 6 months. This little piece of paper allows us to now move ahead with our adoption. Can we get a Praise the Lord?!? More news to come on that front...

*I can't tell you how much I am enjoying the book I'm doing with some other moms on Monday nights. "Hoping for Something Better" is unlike any other Bible study book I've ever done and through it I am understanding more about Hebrews then I ever thought possible. Even more importantly I am growing in the truth that Jesus is better... than anything and everything!

*On a more worldly note, I was delighted to read on this site that the best show on tv will probably-almost-definitely-hopefully be back on the air next season. Yes, my friends, I am referring to Friday Night Lights. What else could I be talking about?!

*I took some clothes to the consignment store several weeks ago. I went back this week to pick up my cash and now have a lovely little sum to spend at the Mom's Market sale that Amber and I are hitting tomorrow. Since many of the things I took to consignment were gifts that we didn't like (sorry!) or items that just never fit or were ever going to fit Haven, I feel like my pocket is full of free money. Therefore nothing I buy tomorrow will really cost me anything. Makes sense, right?

*We have a weekend full of plans that make me happy. Babysitting for friends tonight, deal shopping with Amber tomorrow, a baby shower for an old friend Saturday night, church and then our own date night...what's not to be excited about? I hope your weekend is as happy as mine is looking to be!

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i like happy kate:)