Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Haven's First Haircut...sniff, sniff

Haven was born with a head full of dark brown hair. This shocked me as there has never been a baby born in our family with so much hair before. We're generally a bunch of baldies at birth. Everyone said that Haven would lose all that dark hair, but she didn't lose a one. In fact, it just grew at a great rate and by three months it was necessary for her to wear hair clips so it wasn't in her eyes. The longer it got, the crazier looking it was, but I never seriously considering cutting it. She was a baby: she didn't need a haircut.

Well, that baby is now a two year old who had never had a haircut. Until last night...dun, dun, dun. After a conversation with Amber about just cutting it myself this past weekend, I knew it was time. I got the idea in my head and I just had to do it. So last night Haven took an early bath so we could get it over with. Her hair had kind of grown into a "V" shape and so we needed to even it out. I put the longest little part (that had a little curl in it) into a pony tail holder and proceeded to snip it off. We took a video of it and she thought it was hilarious and was laughing the whole time (which was a relief since every time I asked her if she wanted me to cut her hair she said, "NO! NO!")

Before: At its longest point, it was the entire way down her back

After: Who is this big girl with shoulder length hair?

I'm glad that I waited until I was really ready to do this otherwise it would've been traumatic for all of us. I was sad about cutting off her little curl, but I knew it was time. I just want to know when my baby is going to stop growing up?


Lindsay said...

Haven's haircut looks great!

Amber said...

oh my! she looks older even from the back. i can't wait to see her, it looks adorable!

Jess said...

very impressed by your mad cutting skills...i didn't realize her hair had gotten so long! curtis wants to know if you'd help his mom out...at her age she shouldn't be attempting to grow her hair out with every intention of being able to french braid and wear banana clips...help a woman out kate...!!!