Saturday, March 29, 2008

A day at the zoo

After spending most of the week inside with a sick girl, waking to blue skies this morning made me happy. We had planned to go out of town, but the aforementioned sick girl changed our plans. With the weekend now free to do as we wanted, we set out in search of some fun. Our search led us to the zoo (well, the free tickets we had for the zoo really led us there!) It was a bit chilly, but as long as we kept moving the sunshine kept us warm.

The Asian elephants

Holding on when the train picked up speed

Ready to go on the train

My two favorite people

Lots of walking, lots of exclaiming "Lookatdat!" and lots of fun. I even had the foresight to stick dinner in the crockpot before we left so we came home to a delicious smelling house and dinner ready in no time.

A wonderful, much needed Saturday. It's marred only by the fact that Cale is now under the kitchen sink taking it apart because it is all backed up. But he's a handy guy and I'm sure he'll fix it in no time.

Maybe it's worse then I thought.

Well, at least we had a good afternoon because it looks like we could have a long night ahead of us. Maybe I should go help...

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