Thursday, January 3, 2008

Christmas almost past

It's already the third day of the new year. I'm guessing that disqualifies me from posting something enlightening about the joy of 2007- all I learned and the great things that God did. That's sooo last year; it's time for looking ahead. But I think that my tardiness also makes it silly to write about all my hopes and plans for the new year. If I really wanted to do that, I should have done it three days ago.

Instead, I sit here on the third day of 2008 with a little bit of holiday hangover (and no, not that kind of hangover!). We were gone for five days over the weekend and New Year's and so I am back home trying to get back into our groove while also squeaking out the last drops of holiday cheer we have left in us. As much as I am ready for the fresh start the new year provides, I am holding on to my last little bit of Christmas for a few more days. I would normally have every last bit of our decorations boxed up and put away by now, but being gone for a few days has made me a bit nostalgic. The snow has done the same. In my crazy head, I'm pretending that I really am having a white Christmas (forget what the calendar says.) So it's a few more days of Christmas music, the tree lit at night and of course, Christmas cookies.

At the rate I'm going, I figure I'll be ready for it to be 2008 by late next week.

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