Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Home again blahs

A weekend away is (almost) always a really good thing. This trip was no exception. The problem is the day-after unpacking, laundry, errands, no food in the house, grayness that we are currently experiencing. One of our errands even included a stop at the lab so Haven could have her blood drawn. A difficult experience on a good day, but I figured she is already so out of sorts why not get it out of the way today and we will start fresh tomorrow.

All the grayness of today was worth it though. We had a wonderful time in Boston and Haven was a great little traveler. (Many thanks for the prayers that made this possible!) Here she is in the airport with her "luggage".

Who knew she would love a little rolling backpack so much!

Enjoying her flight. Can't you tell she's *smiling* for the camera?!

We didn't really "do" anything this weekend. We weren't touristy and we didn't take advantage of potential babysitters. We just hung out together and enjoyed the friendship that God has given us. We loved on (and got spit up on by) a sweet little baby boy. We ate some fantastic food (Cale claims it was the best lasagna of his life and since he also claims to be on a world wide search for the best lasagna-meaning he orders it out all the time- I'm going to believe him!) We went shopping in New Hampshire where there is no tax. I believe my love for the good deal is well documented so you can imagine the joy that flooded my heart when I went to Old Navy, purchased 13 items and paid a mere $31 for all 13 items. 75% off, people! Now that is a deal! Couple that with good company and we have ourselves a delightful way to pass a Saturday afternoon.

It was a great visit, but it is also good to be home. And the things that aren't so good- like the laundry and the unpacking- are calling my name!

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