Monday, January 14, 2008

My Boyfriend

Yesterday was a special day. Six years ago, on a long car ride in his Corolla, Cale became my first (and last) boyfriend. And I became his first (and last) girlfriend. We headed out that night to have our DTR after a few months of spending a lot of time together and our feelings for each other becoming more and more apparent. (For those of you uninformed that means Define The Relationship talk.)

Much of that car ride is a blur, but there are a few stand outs in my mind. Right as Cale got to the crux of the issue the song "Tainted Love" came on the radio. I didn't think that was a good sign and promptly asked Cale to turn off the music. To this day, if I hear that song on the radio (which thankfully isn't that often) I am immediately taken back to that moment and the hope and promise and excitement and joy that filled my heart.

I knew that my life was changing in an immeasurable way in that moment, but I had no idea what was really ahead of me. I didn't know that three months later we would be engaged and six months later married. I didn't know that the Lord would send us to Namibia and back. I couldn't imagine the joy that would come with our daughter. I was just a girl on the brink of falling in love with the sweetest boy she'd ever met.

In the craziness of our life today, I need to take more moments to stop and remember how that girl felt. I am still just a simple girl in love, and loved by, the sweetest boy I know.

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Amber said...

it brought a tear to mine eye. ok, a few.