Thursday, January 24, 2008

Leaving on a jet plane

We are headed to Boston for the weekend tomorrow morning. We will be taking our inaugural flight on Skybus and I'm a little nervous. Not because of the airline, but because of my travelling companions. One in particular has me worried. The actual flying part isn't the concern, but all the down time in the actual airport makes me have heart palpitations. We are not taking a stroller with us so that means that Haven will be freewheeling. That's what makes me nervous.

I've got a backpack arsenal that will hopefully find me prepared for any situation thrown at us. She will be strapped into her car seat on the flight and Cale has even suggested that if she gets a little too crazy we can sit it on the floor in the terminal and strap her into it. Desperate times do call for desperate measures...but I'm hopeful it won't come to that!

I'm looking forward to a weekend away for so many reasons. Life has been stressful of late and it will be refreshing to be in a different environment and hopefully gain some new perspective on "situations" that need to be dealt with. More than anything though, I can't wait to spend some extended time with good friends and get to know their little boy.

It promises to be a wonderful weekend filled with great conversation, new adventures and cute kids!

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Jenny said...

Hope your trip is great....will be praying for smooth travels, especially with Haven. Enjoy your time and see you next week at recipe club.