Tuesday, January 22, 2008


Haven talks pretty much non-stop. She loves to "read" her books to herself and it's always funny to hear the dialogue she comes up with. The last few days have found us experiencing a new first at our house: Haven said grace before a meal all by herself. We have been working with her and having her repeat us praying before meals, but on Saturday she said, "No, Haven do it." (which we hear all day long!) We said okay and then witnessed one of the sweetest things to date with our child as she said, "Dod...tanks....food...home...papa...home....g'day..." and a lot more unintelligible sounds until we said, "Amen!" (All the ... indicate sounds that could not be successfully translated even by me, her chief translator!) Now she wants to pray all the time and it makes my heart so glad.

Haven's other funny comment of the weekend doesn't have any spiritual connotations, but it certainly made Cale and I laugh. Cale was off yesterday and so we just had a good day together as a family. We decided to watch a video while we ate dinner on the couch. Towards the end of the meal Haven needed to go to the bathroom. Cale and I had both just finished our food and set our plates on the coffee table. As Haven's about to get out of her booster seat she looks at our plates and says to both of us, "All done, people? Are you all done, people?" We have no idea where she picked up referring to us as people, but it sure did make us laugh. Which in turn made her keep repeating it.

Yet one more reason I love being Haven's mom....she makes me laugh on a daily basis.

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