Friday, January 11, 2008


It's been a slow week at our house. Haven and I have spent many an hour playing Memory (well, our own condensed almost 2 years old version of it), pretending in her kitchen and with her baby doll, coloring and having her "help" me clean and cook. It's so delightful to watch Haven do many of the tasks that I do as she takes care of her baby or makes me a cup of tea in her kitchen.

I've also had the pleasure of helping a friend celebrate a birthday with a girl's night out. I have some wonderful friends who are doing the same for me and are taking me out on the town tonight to get a head start on celebrating the beginning of my 29th year. There are some other lunches and dinners in the works for the next few weeks so I'm going to be well stocked on Girl's Nights for a while! Long conversations and emails with friends have left me feeling very blessed to have such godly women in my life.

Since this post really has no real direction, why not add to the randomness with a few of my new favorite things? Great idea! Haven received a Barnes and Noble gift card for Christmas and one of the books we picked out was a classic, Color Kittens. It's a Little Golden Book and I love this story. It's sweet and clever and beautifully written and illustrated. Haven loves it, too so we get to read it every day.

While we are talking about books, I got Quick Fix Meals from my mom and have made a few recipes already. Healthy, good and easy- what more can you ask for! I'm a bit of a cookbook junkie and have tons on my pantry shelf. But this one will stay near the top of the pile for frequent reference!

Cale and I have spent many an hour watching The Office Season 2 this week. One night we even went to bed at8:30pm and watched episodes on the computer for 2 hours curled up under the down comforter. Add that to my list of faves of the week! I can barely stand the awkward tension between Jim and Pam and I even know how it all works out! We had watched several of these older episodes, but there were some that we missed including my new favorite episode- "The Injury" when Micheal burns his foot on the George Foreman grill. I could not stop laughing!

One of my birthday presents from Cale was the Bare Escentuals starter kit. I have seen all the different mineral make-up infomercials and have always thought I would like to give them a try. I heard from several different people who were using this how wonderful they thought it was so I decided to ask for it for my birthday. After three days of using it, I am a new fan! I do not have/ have never had good skin. My mom told me that I would stop breaking out when I got pregnant. She lied. I still get zits and break outs (although Amber and I joke that our zits keep us looking young). I wasn't expecting miracles- it's still my skin no matter what kind of gunk you cover it up with. But it really is amazing. Even tone, natural looking and easy application. It is pricey, but I know that it's going to last me for a long time. Free shipping from Sephora sweetened the deal, too.

I'm not sure why I feel compelled to share this, but I love clementines. They are hands down my favorite winter fruit. And joy of all joys, Haven has discovered how much she likes them. We've offered them to her on several different occasions, but this week she decided that she was all about them. She easily eats 2 a day. It's quite a habit to keep up with.

Another one of my Christmas gifts was the new Jimmy Eat World cd "Chase This Light". It's been in my car for the last few weeks and while that's not the best place to really listen to a CD, I have to say that I love this album. It's classic Jimmy and I love Jimmy. It's no "Clarity", at least not yet, but it's great, none-the-less. Go buy it!

The weekend lies ahead of me and we don't have a lot of plans. I'm just looking forward to some quality time with my two favorite of all favorites, Cale and Haven.


Phil said...

i didn't know you got the bare escentuals! i admit i'm jealous. i've always wanted to try it! we need to discuss our monday night out soon! i can't wait.

Amber said...

i guess phil was signed in, but obviously it was me who posted that!

Alan and Julie said...

Kate... I have just gotten interested in the bare escentuals also...i think my sister just got it and I am waiting to see how she likes it before I take the plunge! So let me know how you like it:)