Friday, May 16, 2008


I wouldn't have believed it if I hadn't seen it with my own two eyes. This morning, on the Today Show, the New Kids were back at. Yes, you read that right. New Kids on the Block are back together, with a new CD and a tour. Hello, flashback!

I'm certain I wasn't the only NKOTB crazy back in the late 80's. My bedroom was lined with their posters, their cassette was always playing in my boom box and I would carry my humongous Joey pin back and forth to school everyday. It had a little stand on it so Joey could sit there and watch me do my fourth grade schoolwork. Joey was my favorite, hands down.

It was bizarre to hear the old songs (and yes, I did sing along!) and watch my own daughter dance around to the music and clap her hands in appreciation. It's as if my world has come full circle or something. But there is something mildly disturbing about the whole thing. There fans don't seem to care and are as crazy as ever. People were in hysterics over them and some had camped out for a few days so they could be close to the stage. I'm thankful I grew out of my obsession back in '91.

So who was your favorite New Kid?

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Alan and Julie said...

I must confess, I get a bit excited when I hear news of the NKOTB! But, I have always rooted for the underdog which would make Danny my favorite; maybe I always felt like the underdog:)