Friday, May 9, 2008

Spring Road Trip: Take Two

Destination: St. Louis

Miles traveled: 1000 (grand total-3000 in 13 days!)

The only vegetable I'm certain Haven ate the last two weeks: Carrots

Most amazing feat: Sitting in the hotel parking lot and telling Haven to relax and take a nap- she did for 45 minutes!

Favorite meal: Jim 'N Nick's Barbeque in Atlanta

Books I read: "A Patchwork Plantet" by Anne Tyler and "Cage of Stars" by Jacquelyn Mithcard

Haven's new favorite activity: Paint with water books (and I remembered how much I loved those things!)

Fun thing we did: Took Haven to her first movie, "Horton Hears a Who"

My first trip to Sonic in one word: Delightful

Free activities that we wanted to do, but couldn't because of the weather: Grant's Farm and the Zoo

Soundtrack: Jimmy Eat World "Clarity"

Our tour of beverages: Sonic- Strawberry Limeade and Vanilla Malt, Steak and Shake- Strawberry Milkshake and Root Beer Float, McDonald's- Iced Vanilla Coffee (yuck- I tried it and wanted to like it but I just couldn't!)

Famous African-American man running for President who Haven recognizes both in print and on tv and likes to talk about: well, you can figure that one out

St Louis Mills Outlet Mall: Witnessed a fight/screaming match between two women, one pregnant, that occurred right in front of the store we were in

What Haven called her hotel beds: Her nest and she was the egg

Best free gift Cale received at his conference that he gave to me (kinda): Ipod shuffle

What I missed the most: my bed! The hotels did have comfy beds, but they just weren't mine.

Best thing about traveling: Coming home again!

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Amy said...

Sonic is wonderful. There is one in Middletown. Try their Oceanwater. I love it!