Friday, May 2, 2008

Spring Road Trip: Take One

Destination: Atlanta, Ga with a brief stop in Nashville, TN

Length of trip: 6 days

Miles traveled: 1200

Number of fill-ups for 16 gallon gas tank: 4

Different beds slept in: 2

Restaurant meals eaten: 7

Trips up and down in the elevator: 16

Books read: 1 (start to finish)

Arguments resulting from poor navigational choices that got us stuck in a traffic jam (briefly), took us through the ghetto and into an industrial area all in the name of looking for a place to eat dinner only to wind up at The Golden Arches: 1

Trips to the park: 2

Hours spent at Target: 1.45

Peaceful hours spent driving with sleeping child in the back: 5.5

Episodes of "Little People, Big World" watched: 12 (there was a marathon on- what can I say!)

Times Haven requested to go to "A-lana's house": 25 (actually I have no idea, but this seems reasonable!)

Number of trips to the pool: 1

Times Haven fell into said pool: 1

Hours spent at home before we leave again: 43

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Jess said...

i LOVE little people, big world!!!