Sunday, May 4, 2008

On the St. Louis

Greetings from St. Louis! We've been in town for just a few hours and are now settled in for the evening. Haven is sleeping on a queen sized bed surrounded by pillows and we're praying she doesn't fall off! (Incidentally, she fell off the end of her bed the other night and I found her sitting in the corner, rubbing her head, disoriented.) We've already found the restaurant strip and been to Target, so I would say we have our priorities in order.

We had planned on staying downtown on the edge of Forest Park with hopes of Haven and I exploring the Zoo and taking advantage of lots of space to roam around. But late last night I asked Cale to double check our hotel reservation. I'm so glad we did because we found out that the Hampton Inn we were booked at didn't have the kind of room we wanted. When we travel like this and Haven and I will be spending a lot of time in the hotel, we really prefer having a 2 room suite so we have a bit more space to spread out in. That Hampton had studio suites or regular rooms. So at 11pm last night, Cale and I started a massive search to find a new hotel. Easier said then done. An hour later, several phone calls and lots of back and forth we found a perfect place with in our price range, but it is out in the burbs. Gone are the dreams of the zoo and getting out and about in the city during the day. But that's okay, because we found an almost brand-new suites hotel that is super nice. It's stranded out in the middle of a business park, but it has a huge yard and a patio so we can at least take some walks and play outside.

So we made it, we're settled in and not too much worse for the wear considering that we've spent 26+ hours in the car in the last 8 days. And let's just praise the Lord that Haven has been an awesome little car rider. (She's been a little rough otherwise, but at least she's been pleasant when confined to small spaces!) She really has been so good- taking naps, entertaining herself, singing and reading her books. I even managed to read a book practically cover to cover on the ride here. I'm such a great travel companion to my husband with my nose stuck in a book. What can I say- it was a page turner!

Let's hope we have a good week in our new little home away from home!

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