Saturday, March 3, 2007


There's something you should know about me...I'm a thrifty girl. Some might call it cheap and that's fine by me- the bottom line is that I just love a good deal! I love the unexpected good deal, especially; like when you take something up to checkout and it rings up cheaper than you originally thought it was. That's exciting! Or like today when we were trying to order a water softener online and because of a lot of hassle and back-and-forth with the store, they are upgrading us to the next model for free. That also gives me a little thrill.

I spent the morning with my fellow deal hunter, Amber. We went to a huge sale this morning where over 100 moms were trying to sell their kids clothes and equipment. It was insane! There were so many people there that you had to stand in line to actually get up to the racks to look at clothes. But it was worth it! Good deals abounded for both of us.

Even better- we got to spend some time together without kids thanks to our fabulous husbands. We ate lunch in a restaurant and didn't have to have disjointed conversation because of trying to feed other little mouths- we only had to feed our own! It was delightful- and the food was good too. We rounded out our time together with a quick swoop of the Hobby Lobby and we both find some lovely, cheap treasures there as well.

While I love the good deal (like super cute Old Navy capris for Haven for 50 cents!!), I love having a good friend to spend time with who just so happens to love a deal as much as me. And if you are looking for some more reading material check out Amber's new blog here. She is just getting it up and running, but I assure you it will be a worthy read.

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Amber said...

hey you stole my post. great minds think alike once again.