Tuesday, March 6, 2007

House Church

On Sunday night our house was filled with our church family for our weekly House Church gathering. We meet once a week in someones home and share a meal, take communion together, get into the Word and meet in quads (which are small groups of ladies together and guys together).

We have had the privilege of leading this group for the past year and the people in it have truly become like family to us. We have loved having the chance to really be involved in people's lives, and them in ours, especially as they have loved on Haven. Leading has been a huge challenge for Cale and I, but it has been a major blessing, too. We have had a tough year and leading this group was not always something that we wanted to do, but as we have submitted ourselves to the Lord, He has always been faithful and we can't imagine not being a part of this group.

This past Sunday found Cale and I both exhausted. Neither of us felt prepared and we really wished we could just not go this week. That wasn't really an option as we had 15 people headed to our house expecting food, fellowship and some good discussion on John 12. I was less than hopeful about the evening. But we did what we had to do and waited for everyone to show up.

And you know what...the most important person showed up. The Lord was in our midst on Sunday night by His Spirit and we had a wonderful evening. We had a great meal and were able to welcome some new people who joined us this week. Our discussion on the passage was really good and I was encouraged and challenged as we talked about the way Jesus is the perfect fulfillment of OT prophecy.

But more than that (although that is pretty good), I was just convicted about my bad attitude. Yes, I did feel worn out from a long week and I didn't feel like having to entertain people in my house. The problem is that it really wasn't about me and my vision was very near-sighted. I forgot that I could choose to have a better attitude and trust that the Lord would meet us as we gathered in His name. Because that is exactly what He did this week.

As we closed the door behind the last people to leave, I didn't sigh with relief, I sighed with satisfaction after having spent a night with our HC family and because I felt uplifted and refreshed and ready for the week.

Hopefully I will remember that next week when Sunday afternoon rolls around and we are getting ready for everyone to come over. Hopefully I will choose to have a better attitude and prepare my heart for what the Lord wants to teach me rather than worry about my house or food or whatever else.

And I know that He'll show up, ready to meet with us.


zane anderson said...

Good report, Kate. One that reflects our own experiences with regard to preparations or lack of them. Truly His strength is perfected in our weakness! Godspeed.

Monkey Giggles said...

Swinging in for the party!!! Nice to meet ya.

I am having my 4th..yes 4th party favor give-away. If ya get a chance come on over.


amanda said...

Hi! I'm here from the UBP! I think we have some stuff in common. My daughter is 14 months (yesterday!). We're involved in ministry and I think my dh would love some of the music on your profile!