Thursday, March 1, 2007


Sickness has descended once more on this house. Hopefully this time it will be a brief stint and will effect as few members of the household as possible. Like maybe only one. I'll let you know how that goes, but for now I need to go haul out the Purell and put it in strategic locations and keep my Clorox wipes (actually they are the Target ones, same difference!) at the ready to wipe off any and all surfaces where the cold germs are lurking.

Good news is that my handy, handsome husband pulled through for me again. Yesterday I was out running a few errands which included going to the bank. I had to make a deposit, so found it necessary to roll my window down. Now keep in mind that I drive an old Jeep around and have manual windows, none of that fancy powered stuff for me! As I rolled it down I heard some bad cracking sounds. Well, those cracking sounds turned out to mean that the window would not roll up. At all.

So we drove home in the 30 degree weather with my window down. Poor Haven is in the back getting most of the breeze right in her face. I'm sure that did wonders for her runny nose and fever!! Thankfully, the bank is only about 3 miles from our house so we didn't freeze for too long! And I turned the heat on to full blast, but I think that had little effect.

All that to say that Cale in his wonderful handiness fixed the window for me in just a few minutes. I had already envisioned the car going to the garage, being gone for several days and winding up a few hundred dollars poorer. But oh, no! My husband fixed it right up and came back in the house reminding me to not roll it down that far again. Um, thanks....I think.

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amber said...

seriously, is it just me or is one or both of our households always sick? i'm ready for spring! poor haven in the backseat, i can just see her hair blowing in the breeze and wondering if her momma was crazy!