Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Unpopular decisions

Recently Cale and I have had a situation to deal with that has reminded us how frustrating it is to deal with people. Without going into details about it, the bottom line is that there were assumptions made by someone about what I was going to do or not do and those assumptions were handled with miscommunication. It has been really frustrating.

Cale and I were left to make a decision and we did what we thought was the best thing for our family. Our decision was not met with understanding or further discussion, but total silence. Since then we have been debating about what to do and where to go from here. We don't want to break off relationship with this person, but aren't really sure how to move ahead.

Yesterday we learned of some news that brought it back to the forefront of my mind and I started to get really frustrated and realized how hurt I was by the whole thing. And in the midst of my thought process the Lord reminded me that I do not need to feel bad about doing what I thought was best for us just because someone else doesn't like it. Cale and I made a careful and prayerful decision and I will not feel bad about that.

The entire past year of our life has been filled with making unpopular decisions and apparently we aren't done with that lesson yet. Through it all Cale and I have tried to be obedient and to take a stand for the things that the Lord has wanted us to stand for- like our marriage and our family. The decision that we made to not do something that was asked of us was because we felt like it would take too much of my time. I am confident in my role as a wife and mom in knowing that Cale and Haven are my primary ministry and I will guard that with all that I am regardless of what other people think.

But it still stings to be misunderstood.

At the same time I am aware of all the lessons that the Lord is trying to teach us as we walk through this. And that there is a very real enemy that wants to destract us with confusion, hurt, lies and selfishness. My prayer is that, regardless of the circumstances, we will stand for what is right, we will fight back against the true enemy and we will always seek to be obedient to the only One who's opinion really matters.

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Amber said...

great post. i know the last year has been so up and down for you guys, but your faithfulness to God and to your family through it all has truly challenged me and my walk. thanks!