Monday, March 26, 2007

On the road again

Let's just say that the last week of my life hasn't been the best. A sprained ankle, that time of the month, and a stomach virus... And that is my excuse for not posting in almost a week!

Right now I am in the midst of packing and planning for a trip to VA for 2 weeks. Yes, we will be living in a hotel for the next 2 weeks. No, I am not looking forward to that, but I am looking forward to a change of scenery. I feel like I am in desperate need of it. Time to clear my head and not be consumed with all the normal life things like laundry, cleaning and cooking. I know that this trip is coming just at the right time for me and Cale and despite all the effort to get ready to go, it will definitely be worth it.

I have several posts swirling around in my head, but seeing as how we are leaving at 6am Tuesday, I better get back to my packing. But, I'll be back soon, from Virginia!!

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jess said...

looking forward to the virginia chronicles!